The Graven

I used to wake in the morning
The air being cold and bleak;
That’s when he licks my trembling mouth
So that I could not speak.

His arms are always coiling
Like snakes around my waist,
His bold caressing fingers
Across my eyes are placed.

So playfully he pulls my hair
Or rips my sheets at night;
The fright I used to feel for death
Has turned to great delight.

All those shivers hurt heavenly.
How then was I to know
His luscious scent would follow me
And haunt my footsteps so?

Now he has grasped everything
About what keeps me afflicted,
Now he has tasted my flaws
He wants my throat constricted.

So he choked me, every day,
With immense care, for long hours,
Like the delight to see me there
Required much greater powers.

The time went on passing;
Thus I learnt how to be
The perfect heir for those torments
One wouldn’t dare to see.

That night, there was this thing
He did when I was laid
On my stomach my eyes open
To learn what he had planned.

He brought rampant, clumsy creatures
Found there around the mansion.
Wet, pulpy things that ooze from roots
“To give you red complexion.”

Clammy, sticky, were collected.
He grabbed my head and lit a torch.
And you would watch with eyes grown sick
My shade bending against the porch.

The seeping sounds of the earthly,
The fleas that creep and slither
Put in my mouth without mercy,
As thick as a solid liquor.

Contented by the type of horror
Slowly crawling over my face,
He caressed me – oh so tender –
Along the lines of my disgrace.

My love ! Please, I need more
Now all the marks have shown;
I won’t subsist more than a day
Feeding on your body alone.

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